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21 Types of Blogs on the Internet and Examples

Are you aware of the different types of blogs available on the internet? It is unlikely, as people generally prioritize the content rather than the specific type of blog.

Types of Blogs on the Internet and Examples
Types of Blogs on the Internet and Examples

As we are aware, a blog is a web application that hosts a collection of posts, notes, and articles published online, accessible to the public.

The increasing number of blogs covering various themes that emerge daily necessitates classification and categorization.

Being a prominent medium on the internet where a vast number of people seek information, blogs that were originally known as free blogs (such as and have evolved into numerous formats and variations.

Each existing blog now possesses its own unique identity, characterized by its distinct features and discussions.

So, which types of blogs exist and have flourished? Let's delve into a brief overview.

A. Types of Blogs Based on the Platform

Based on the platform, blogs can be classified into three main types:

1. Free Blog Platform (Free Blog)

A free blog refers to a type of blog that is provided at no cost by third-party service providers, offering subdomains and hosting services. As a result, these blogs often include the names of the third-party providers in their URLs.

Examples of blogs using free platforms include or

Popular free blog service providers today include Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, and others.

To learn more about creating a free blog on platforms like Blogger and WordPress, please refer to the accompanying article.

2. Self-Hosting Blog

A self-hosting blog is a type of blog that utilizes its own domain and hosting, requiring the blog owner to pay for these services. Typically, self-hosted blogs are owned by professional bloggers, business owners, and internet marketers.

Examples of self-hosting blogs include,,,, and similar sites.

3. Micro Blog

Microblogs are characterized by their concise content, limiting the number of characters compared to other types of blogs. A prominent example of a microblogging platform is Twitter.

4. Corporate Blog

A corporate blog is located within a company's website and serves as a platform for various content, such as company news, product/service explanations, and responses to customer inquiries or complaints.

5. Citizen Journalism Blog

Citizen journalism blogs are written by members of the public rather than professional journalists and are often hosted by specific media outlets.

Examples of citizen journalism blogs include,, Blogdetik, and similar platforms.

B. Content-Based Blog

Blogs can be categorized into two types based on their content:

6. Niche Blog

Niche blogs are written by individuals with specific themes or topics. Examples of niche blogs include fashion blogs, business blogs, education blogs, health blogs, technology blogs, travel blogs, and more.

One well-known niche blog is Female Daily, which focuses on discussing cosmetics and cosmetic brands commonly used by women.

7. General Blog

General blogs cover a wide range of themes or topics. These blogs may discuss various subjects simultaneously due to having multiple writers with expertise in different areas.

Examples of general blogs are and These blogs cover diverse topics such as blogging, politics, business, technology, tourist attractions, and more.

C. Purpose-Based Blog

Blogs can be categorized into four types based on their purpose:

8. Personal Blog

A personal blog contains diverse content and information based on the blog owner's opinions. Personal blogs are generally created as a means of self-expression or as a platform to share personal thoughts and experiences.

An example of a personal blog is

9. Personal Branding Blog

A personal branding blog is created with the intention of promoting and enhancing the author's name and reputation, aiming to gain recognition from a larger audience. Personal branding blogs often adopt a formal or semi-formal language style.

Examples of well-known personal branding blogs include and others.

10. Monetization Blog

A monetization blog is created with the goal of generating income or revenue. These blogs heavily rely on search engine optimization (SEO) to attract a large number of visitors.

In Indonesia, many bloggers utilize blog monetization methods, often becoming Google AdSense publishers to earn money from their blogs. Articles discussing how to monetize blogs are also popular.

11. Catalog Blog

A catalog blog serves as a reference or resource material, containing a variety of information. These blogs are presented in a catalog-like format, intended for anyone accessing them.

D. Format-Based Blog

Blogs can be categorized into ten types based on their format:

12. Vlogs

Vlogs are video-based blogs commonly found on platforms like One of the most famous vlogs on YouTube is

13. Copy Paste Blog

Copy Paste Blogs feature content copied from other blogs through direct copy-pasting. Such websites are typically owned by bloggers lacking creativity or those who prefer not to create original content.

Interestingly, some company blogs also adopt this method. For example, copies and pastes articles from other blogs. You can check if your blog content has been copied by this website.

14. Sketchblog

A sketchblog showcases a person's portfolio through a collection of artistic works. An example of a sketchblog is Kristen's Sketchblog (

15. LinkLog

Linklogs solely consist of a compilation of links. An example of a linklog is Jennifer's LinkLog.

16. Photoblog / Phlog

Photoblogs / Phlogs are blogs that primarily focus on photo content. An example is Kathleen Connaly's Photoblog (

17. Audioblog

Audioblogs feature music files as the main content, which can be freely downloaded.

18. Tumbleblogs

Tumbleblogs contain short text posts and various media content. They encompass six types of posts: short text, photos, quotes, links, conversations, and videos.

Examples of Tumbleblogs are blogs hosted on the platform.

19. Typecasting Blog

Typecasting blogs present scanned collections of handwritten notes or typewriter-like text published on the web. An example of a Typecasting blog is

20. Classifieds Blog

Classifieds blogs compile classified advertisements. Unfortunately, many classified ad blogs are used by spammers for promotional purposes, resulting in disorganized content.

Some examples of classified ad blogs include:


21. Splog or Spam Blog (Automatically Generated Content)

Splog or spam blogs usually contain automatically generated or copied content from other websites. These blogs feature auto-generated content designed to boost search engine rankings of related commercial websites.

Splogs are often referred to as spam blogs. Previously, these blogs were prevalent among spammers in Indonesia.

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Although the number of Splogs has decreased and many have been removed from Google's index, this type of blog still exists.


The internet hosts various types of blogs categorized by their platform, content, purpose, and format. Out of the mentioned blog types, what type of blog do you currently have?

Regardless of the type, I hope your blog benefits others and remains original without copying content from other sources.