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How to Make a WhatsApp Link to Direct Private Chat

Many online sellers lack knowledge on how to create the correct WhatsApp link, despite its potential to enhance sales closure and establish a customer database. This article aims to provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on creating WhatsApp links for beginners.

WhatsApp Link

What you will learn:

  • Understanding the utility of the click-to-chat feature.
  • Mastering the fundamental rules for creating WhatsApp links.
  • A practical and progressive learning approach, covering basic to advanced techniques.
  • Identifying common mistakes made by beginners when generating WhatsApp links.

If you're an online seller seeking to develop a customer database, this informative guide is tailored to your needs. Let's begin the journey!

What is Click to Chat?

Click to Chat is a feature within the WhatsApp application that allows users to initiate a conversation without the need to save a telephone number. This feature provides several advantages:

  1. Directly send private messages: With Click to Chat, users can send private messages to others instantly.
  2. One-click chat: There is no requirement to save the phone number beforehand. With just one click, users can initiate a chat conversation.
  3. Customizable greeting message: Users have the option to create a default greeting message as per their specific requirements.

The outcome of Click to Chat is a WhatsApp URL (Uniform Resource Locator) link. By clicking on this link, users can automatically start a conversation on WhatsApp.

Example Display of Click to Chat:

WhatsApp URL Link Display:

After clicking on the WhatsApp link, the conversation will appear as follows:

Have you understood up until this point?

In conclusion, the Click to Chat feature in WhatsApp enables users to open a WhatsApp chat page automatically without the need to save the phone number first.

This feature is applicable for both the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Mobile applications. Users can customize the conversation starter text according to their preferences.

WhatsApp Link API Function

The WhatsApp Link API is a website link that activates the Click to Chat feature. What does the WhatsApp API look like? The full URL of the WhatsApp API link appears as follows:

The website's appearance is similar to the image displayed below:

What is the function of the WhatsApp API?

Firstly, the WhatsApp API (Application Programming Interface) allows the integration of the Click to Chat link with various other applications. For instance, the WhatsApp API can be integrated with websites, emails, Instagram, and Facebook. Therefore, when the WhatsApp link is shared on these platforms, the Click to Chat feature becomes active.

Secondly, the WhatsApp API serves as a platform to customize the opening text for the Click to Chat feature.

Thirdly, it facilitates a faster chat process between WhatsApp users by eliminating the need to save telephone numbers.

Lastly, it supports the online buying and selling ecosystem through the WhatsApp application.

Note: Indonesian WhatsApp users commonly refer to the WhatsApp API as the "WA link." To enhance your understanding, I have replaced the mention of the WhatsApp API with the term "WA link."

Basic Guidelines for Creating WhatsApp Links

Before discussing how to create a WhatsApp link, it is important to understand the basic guidelines for link creation. There are two fundamental rules to follow: archetype rules and writing rules.

1. Archetype Rules

Creating WhatsApp links requires adherence to specific guidelines. Incorrect calling codes will render the link inactive.

This is because the WhatsApp API programming language only recognizes valid code. If the code is incorrect, the link will not function.

WhatsApp link formula:


  • "" is the integration point for WhatsApp links.
  • "Send?phone=" is the code to activate the click-to-chat feature.
  • "xxx" represents the phone number of the WhatsApp link creator.

Live application examples:

By clicking the MESSAGE button, the chat will initiate automatically.

2. Writing Rules

When creating WhatsApp links, specific writing rules should be followed:

  • Telephone numbers must be written using the country code prefix, without additional symbols or spaces.


Telephone number from Indonesia: 085727881954

Country code: +62

Written in the WhatsApp link: 6285727881253

Hence, the "0" in the telephone number should be replaced with the corresponding country code number.

  • Text must be positioned correctly and employ the appropriate code.

It is possible to add a text message to the created WhatsApp link. Here's a tutorial to guide you:

WhatsApp link formula + text:


  • "WhatsAppPhoneNumber" is where you input your WhatsApp phone number, ensuring you include the country code instead of "0." For example: 6285728465562.
  • "&text=" is the code to activate the command for adding text to the WhatsApp link.
  • "WriteYourTextHere" is the space to enter your desired text or message. You can immediately write the opening message for the click-to-chat feature. Then, utilize the "%20" and "%0A" codes to adjust the layout.
  • The "%20" code is used to adjust spacing in the text you create.
  • The "%0A" code is used to insert line breaks in the text you create.

Live application examples:

WhatsApp link formula + text without text layout settings

The WhatsApp link appears as follows:

The WhatsApp chat will display as shown below:

WhatsApp link formula + text with text layout settings

The WhatsApp link appears as follows:!%0AI%20want%20order%20jasa%20Anda

The WhatsApp chat will display as shown below:

Note: The WhatsApp link generator code is highly sensitive. Any code errors will render the click-to-chat feature inoperative.

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Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you follow the basic guidelines for creating a WhatsApp link accurately. In the next discussion, I will provide a step-by-step tutorial example on creating a WhatsApp link for private chat. Let's delve into it!

How to Create a WhatsApp Link for Automated Chat

The most straightforward method to generate a WhatsApp link for automated chat is by modifying an existing WhatsApp link. By changing your WhatsApp phone number, you can easily achieve this.

Step 1: Locate the active WhatsApp link code.


Basic WhatsApp link formula:

Example of an active WhatsApp link code:

Step 2: Substitute the phone number in the WhatsApp link with your own WhatsApp number.


I will be using the WhatsApp number 082127602518. First, I altered it to adhere to the basic rules for writing WhatsApp links. The result is 6282127602518.

Next, I inserted it into the WhatsApp link formula. The resulting link would appear as follows:

Step 3: Test the WhatsApp link online.


Enter the WhatsApp link into the URL field of the Google Chrome browser. Then, press Enter and click on "Message."

If you open it using WhatsApp Mobile, the system will automatically direct you to the chat menu.

If you open it using WhatsApp Web, the system will display a "Starting Chat" notification.

The active WhatsApp link code will present a notification similar to the image below:

Step 4: You're done.

How to Create a WhatsApp Link with Additional Text Messages

This technique is particularly useful for online sellers who promote multiple items. Each shared WhatsApp link can be customized for specific products.

For instance:

  • Hi, Admins. I am interested in buying Adidas Neo shoes. Is there still stock?
  • Hi, Admins. I want to purchase collagen cosmetics now.
  • Hello, sis. I'd like to buy the Magdalena K04 robe.

How? Much easier, right? I will demonstrate how to create a WhatsApp link with text customization. Please refer to the following tutorial:

Step 1: Generate a WhatsApp link based on the WhatsApp number you're using.


Basic WhatsApp link formula:

The active WhatsApp number I'm using is 085728234562.

First, I adjusted it according to the basic rules for creating a WhatsApp link. The converted result will appear as 6285728465562.

Then, I applied it to the basic WhatsApp link formula. The resulting link would look like this:

Step 2: Add conversation starter text to the WhatsApp link you created.


The message I want to include is "Hi, Admin. I am interested in purchasing your services. May I ask a question first?"

Therefore, my modification will be as follows:,%20Admin.%20I%20am%20interested%20in%20buying%20your%20services.%20May%20I%20ask%20a%20question%20first?

I added the code %20 to create spaces between words. Additionally, I used the code %0A for line breaks or line enter.

Step 3: Test the WhatsApp link online on a desktop or mobile browser.


If the steps were followed correctly, the results would resemble the image below:

Step 4: The WhatsApp link with additional opening text is now active. You can start sharing the link as needed.

Step 5: You're done.

How to Create WhatsApp Links in Images

If you have ever engaged in online trading through a website, you are likely familiar with landing pages. One essential element of a landing page is the call button. By utilizing this call button, you can direct buyers to WhatsApp, allowing you to focus on closing deals via the platform. However, you may wonder how to create a WhatsApp link within a call button image. To find the solution, follow the step-by-step tutorial below:

Step 1: Prepare the call button image you wish to use.

Note: For this tutorial, I will be using a landing page on a WordPress-based website, and the call button image I will use resembles the image below:

2: Open your product sales landing page.

3: Identify the appropriate position to place the call button.

4: Add the call button image to your landing page.

5: Click on the call button image and select the "Insert Link" menu. Next, enter the WhatsApp link you have prepared beforehand.

Note: In this tutorial, I demonstrate inserting a link into the call button image to facilitate easier communication through WhatsApp. I also included a text link stating "Via WhatsApp CLICK HERE." Both methods work effectively.

When the link is clicked, the buyer will immediately enter my WhatsApp chat. The techniques are similar, with the only requirement being the insertion of the WhatsApp link you have just created.

6: Once you have clicked "OK" or "Apply,"

7: Click on "Update" to save your changes.

8: Finished.

How to Create a Shortened WhatsApp Link using Bitly

On some social media platforms, sharing long WhatsApp links may not be aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to customize the link and make it more concise. One method to shorten WhatsApp links is by using Bitly. Allow me to provide a specific example through the following tutorial:

1: Prepare the WhatsApp link you wish to shorten.

For instance, let's assume I want to shorten the WhatsApp link:,%20Admin.%0AI'm%20interested%20in%20buying%20your%20service.%0ABefore%20placing%20an%20order,%20may%20I%20ask%20a%20few%20questions?

2: Visit the website

3: Enter the WhatsApp link you prepared into the "Shorten your link" column. Then, click "Shorten."

4: Wait a moment for the link shortening process to complete.

5: Click "Copy" to retrieve the shortened link.

Note: The difference between the WhatsApp links before and after undergoing the Bitly shortening process is as follows:

1. Before Shortening:,%20Admin.%0AI'm%20interested%20in%20buying%20your%20services.%0ABefore%20placing%20an%20order,%20may%20I%20ask%20a%20few%20questions?

2. After Shortening with Bitly:

The resulting link is significantly shorter, isn't it? If you register or use Bitly premium, you can customize the link name instead of obtaining a random one. You can even assign unique names to your links, such as

6: Finished.

Common Mistakes Made by Newbies in Creating WhatsApp Links

Even though I have provided clear instructions on creating a WhatsApp link, it is common for beginners to make mistakes. Here are some errors often made when creating WhatsApp links:

1. Not Paying Attention to the Basic Rules for Creating WhatsApp Links

Creating WhatsApp links relies heavily on web programming languages. Failure to follow the default rules will result in non-functional code. Therefore, it is crucial to review the basic rules for creating a WhatsApp link, which I have also provided in a step-by-step example.

2. Carelessness in Writing Command Codes and Symbol Codes

Mistakes in writing command codes and symbol codes can prevent the click-to-chat feature from working correctly. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution when handling punctuation marks, commas, and symbol codes. Always test the WhatsApp link before utilizing it.

3. Blindly Copying and Pasting WhatsApp Links Without Understanding Their Purpose

This is a common mistake. Some WhatsApp links still contain attributes from others and are used without modification. It is crucial to study and understand the purpose of such links before utilizing them. Don't use them blindly. Knowledge is power!


I have provided an easy-to-follow tutorial on creating WhatsApp links. There are two fundamental rules to remember and follow: proper writing conventions and correct usage of programming symbol codes. Once you have mastered these basics, the rest is mere application. Now, I would like to hear your opinion! Which tutorial would you like to try first? Share your thoughts in the comments section now!